Verification of IP Integrity

One of the major issues facing customers who wish to purchase IP from a commercial vendor is determining how well the product conforms to specification. IP cores are often software representations of functionality which originally existed in the form of silicon (with specifications in a data book) or which exists solely as a publication of some standards document. The price of commercial IP may be justified for any of several sound engineering tradeoffs, but there is an underlying assumption that the IP behaves exactly to the functional specification. How can a customer gain confidence that a vendor's product truly matches the required functionality? The risks may be intolerably high if it does not.

There are a number of standards and programs being used and promoted through out the IP industry today. Unfortunately, none of them to date represent a widely used, common standard. CAST supports these standards efforts, but to help customers judge our quality today we have provided this bulletin of the methodologies used at CAST to insure the integrity of the IP we provide.

CAST verification methods vary only slightly from one core to the next. The variance is in the form of hardware verification used. The process steps are the same.

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