Using Design by Contract to Automate Java Software and Component Testing

Design by Contract (DbC) is a beneficial software development practice that, until now, was too cumbersome to actually incorporate into most development processes. Jtest and Jcontract make it possible for you to realistically implement DbC. Jtest helps you add specification information into your code using DbC contracts. This is beneficial because it ensures that the code and specification are always kept together. From the DbC contracts, Jtest automatically creates test cases that verify class/component functionality. Because this relieves you from having to create black-box test cases, you save a tremendous amount of time and resources. When the classes/components that contain DbC contracts are added to the system, Jcontract automatically verifies whether the system uses them correctly. A misused class/component might appear to perform fine, but might actually spur subtle errors that can trigger system-wide problems.

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