Using MAX 7000B Devices to Replace I/O Drivers

Traditionally, discrete I/O translators, buffers, drivers, and transceivers are used to convert GTL+, SSTL-2, or SSTL-3 signals to LVCMOS or to LVTTL before transferring these signals to the programmable logic. For example, in processor-based designs, a driver may be used to translate a GTL+ signal to an LVTTL before the signal is transferred to the PLD. External I/O drivers require extra board space and can introduce delays in high-performance applications. A single MAX 7000B device can be used to replace multiple I/O drivers eliminating chip-to-chip delays, minimizing board space, and reducing total system cost. This white paper provides a comprehensive listing of today's discrete I/O drivers and explains how Altera MAX 7000B devices can be used to replace these I/O drivers.

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