Using Advanced Design System to Design an MMIC Amplifier

There are many design steps required for the development and manufacture of MMIC circuits, as illustrated in the MMIC Design Flow. Advanced Design System (ADS) is a central part of the complete MMIC design flow, and is used throughout this process. This application note illustrates, through the design of an MMIC amplifier, several of the common problems faced in designing, simulating, and producing a physical layout of an MMIC circuit, as well as the validation steps that are needed to verify that the physical layout still produces the desired result. It is beyond the scope of this note to describe all possible design specifications for an MMIC circuit, but it does include enough specification and design steps to address many common design challenges.

The following sections give a step-by step description of a 0.5-Watt, 10-GHz, narrow-band amplifier on a 100-Ám GaAs substrate. These example designs use components from a generic design kit that is provided with ADS 2003A. The models for these components do not correspond to any specific foundry process, but are representative of design kits available from many foundries.

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