Using Stratix GX in HDTV Video Production Applications

The television broadcast market is rapidly shifting from the established methods of analog video capture and distribution to their digital equivalents and the enhancements and new features they provide. Governments are placing requirements on broadcasters to set schedules for when analog signals will be fully replaced by digital signals. While this complete conversion is still to come, demand for digital television (DTV) applications is growing and quickly driving the cost of digital-ready TVs and set-top boxes down to levels that the average consumer can afford. One of the value propositions of DTV is the improvement in the quality of the video as compared with traditional analog signals. High-definition (HD) signals provide the best quality DTV signal available today. The quality of high definition television (HDTV) video requires complex, high performance hardware to create and transmit the video signals. The feature-rich architecture of the StratixTM GX device family offers hardware designers a solution to creating and transmitting HDTV video signals. Built on Altera's new Stratix architecture, Stratix GX devices are loaded with up to 20 full duplex transceiver channels capable of operating at up to 3.125 gigabits per second (Gbps) per channel. The Stratix GX solution provides system designers with flexibility, performance, integration, and design resources unavailable in any other solution.

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