The Rational Approach to Automated Testing

There are only a few short days left before the scheduled release date. The project manager is getting nervous and has called a meeting. From the head of the table he looks out at the assembled developers and testing professionals. He needs one crucial question answered and almost winces as he asks it. "Are we ready to release?" The immediate response is one that all project managers fear most - fidgety silence and averted glances. Nearly three out of four software projects are either delivered late, over-budget or are canceled before being completed, according to the most recent version of the Standish Group's now infamous CHAOS research report on project failure and success. Most experienced managers, developers and test engineers have worked on such a project. Statistically, most are working on such a project right now. The anxiety induced by the question "Are we ready to release?" affects every member of the team. Management dreads having to ask it, for fear of hearing an unqualified "No", or, even worse "We don't know, and we don't know when we'll know." The developers and testers dread answering it. They face the unenviable choice of either giving the go-ahead to a product that has not been fully tested and may be wracked with defects, or delaying the release, sometimes indefinitely.

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