Traversal of IP Voice and Video Data through Firewalls and NATs

In recent years the Voice over IP and the Multimedia over IP industries have been gradually moving from an experimental stage to real deployment. Multimedia over IP communications run on the same IP networks as other IP applications. Almost all these IP networks deploy Firewalls and/or NAT devices, for security Unfortunately, the inherent characteristics of Multimedia over IP protocols are in conflict with most current mechanisms employed by Firewall and NATS, resulting in "slower-thandesired" deployment of Multimedia over IP communications. As a result of this trend there is a growing awareness of the Firewalls/IP predicament. A number of organizations and vendors have presented proposals and solutions to overcome the problem. There is no single solution. The complexity of the problem together with the diversity of existing topologies means that different solutions are needed for different cases. In this white paper RADVISION examines the implications of traversing voice and video packet data through Firewalls and NAT devices and describes a selection of solutions and the issues they raise.

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