The DSP: Computer Telephony's Technology Keystone

In the "Wintel" business ecosystem literally thousands of companies work in tandem to provide ever-increasing value and utility for the users of their products. It all starts with the x86 processor from Intel. A new-generation processor supports more capable operating systems. The new-generation OSs support higher-function applications, and so on. OS/2 Warp and Windows NT wouldn't be possible on '286-generation hardware and can barely run on '386s. Similarly, advances in computer-telephony system-resource architectures are keyed to advances in the price/performance ratios of digital signal processors (DSPs). This makes which DSP, or DSP family, to use one of the biggest decisions CT system-resource board designers face. The DSP's architecture and performance strongly influence the board's architecture. It's also a strategic decision of the first order, influencing the company's development productivity and competitiveness for years to come.

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