The Benefits of Using PowerPlant - For MAC OS and MAC OS X Development

Anyone creating a Mac OS application wants to get it into the hands of the largest number of customers. At present, and for some time to come, a significant percentage of Macintosh® owners will rely on Classic Mac OS. Others will use Mac OS X. If you want to reach the largest possible market, your application must work on both systems.

Of the existing professionally supported frameworks, only PowerPlant enables a developer to target both Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X with a single code base. Any other choice requires you to create, test and support two completely different code bases for your application.

PowerPlant provides the same classes, services and API for both Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X development. This benefit alone would be sufficient to choose PowerPlant over any other option, but it is only the first of many reasons that justify a decision to use PowerPlant.

A developer using PowerPlantTM can write code once that targets both Classic Mac® OS and Mac® OS X from a single code base. This means the application can reach a larger market more easily, and get to the market more quickly. This paper discusses these and other advantages to using PowerPlant as the underlying application framework for Mac OS.

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