The Barracuda CSP Tag Language

This article will show you how to use the server side tag language integrated into the Barracuda Embedded Web-Server.

Server side scripting, a method used in web-servers to dynamically create HTML, is typically used in embedded devices as a way to dynamically create a user interface. The dynamic HTML rendered in the server may, for example, show the dynamic changes in a power meter in a device.

Barracuda supports a very advanced type of server side scripting, which we call CSP. CSP is similar to Active Server Pages, ASP, which was invented by Microsoft. With CSP, you can embed C or C++ directly into an HTML template page created by an HTML designer.

This article assumes that you are a C or C++ programmer with some HTML knowledge and some experience in server side scripting. An introduction to server side scripting is outside the scope of this article, but since Barracuda is similar to ASP, one can refer to an ASP book. The ASP tag language is similar to CSP and the ASP API is similar to the API provided by Barracuda, except for that Barracuda is using C or C++ for server side scripting.

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