Testing the Limits: Enterprise Network Management, Testing and Evaluation

Effective testing and evaluation can significantly improve enterprise network management, which in turn can positively impact a company's day-to-day operations and financial performance. After a network failure, it is too late to suggest that an evaluation policy should have been implemented the damage has been done. In addition, management wants to ensure that their networks will survive a disaster scenario (such as power outages, earthquakes and fires). Ensuring the viability of new network management system (NMS) applications, new network devices and proposed management policies, however, can be a very cumbersome task. Many companies still rely on physical labs, which are smaller scale copies of their production networks. The physical lab has both logistical and financial limitations. Realizing these issues, Gambit Communications introduced a solution with MIMICTM Simulator. The creation of a virtual lab with MIMICTM and how this can address the needs of various companies, from evaluation, testing and disaster simulations to software development, partner support and certification, is the subject of this paper.

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