Tilcon Real-Time Developer

The Tilcon Real-Time Developer (TRTD) is a multi-platform user interface development solution (Gui Builder) that delivers robust, highly interactive user interfaces for real-time, embedded and mission critical applications.

This white paper is intended to provide a high level technical overview of the Tilcon Real-Time Developer. The first part of the paper will provide a basic overview of the software. A listing of key features, customers and markets will help you quickly understand where this tool is positioned in the market. We will also detail the compiler, processor and operating systems supported. We will then provide a quick overview of how our technology works from the user's perspective followed by a more in-depth examination of the architecture of the Tilcon system and its relationship to a user application.

We will also review some of the strong points of the architecture as well as portability and reconfigurability of a Tilcon application.

In the second part of the paper, The Tilcon Graphics Engine and the API will be looked at in more detail, followed by an examination of the capabilities of the Tilcon Graphics Editor, our main screen design tool. A detailed listing of the GUI objects and HMI objects will also be included. Important features such as redraw options (built-in double buffering) and anti-aliasing will be reviewed and we will talk about how Tilcon facilitates the integration of design and functionality.

Details on our ODBC and OPC client modules and Tilcon Map Module will be provided as well as more mundane information such as system requirements, build utility and module sizes for scalable applications.

We will also step through a sample Tilcon application and point you to the many resources available from Tilcon to get you off to a fast start.

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