T.38 and the Future of Fax - The Emerging Standard for Real-Time Fax Over IP Networks

Internet technology is creating a major shakeup in the way businesses worldwide communicate. The effects of this shakeup include a new Universal Messaging infrastructure that opens the possibility of transmitting voice, fax, and data using a single data network infrastructure. Powerful new solutions include Web-enabled call centers and help desks.

This communications shakeup is also sending tremors through the fax world. Today a high percentage of corporate communications expenses comes from the cost of transmitting fax over standard telephone lines. That picture is quickly changing. Transmitting fax using the data network infrastructure opens up many opportunities to enhance fax delivery and reduce expenses. Entrepreneurs envision a new world where corporations save millions of dollars a year by using existing data networks-such as the Internet and private Internet Protocol (IP) networks-as a global fax delivery network. This can include real-time fax, store-and-forward fax, or some combination of the two.

One tool that is crucial to building the new world of real-time fax over IP is the emerging International Telecommunications Union (ITU) T.38 standard for real-time fax over IP, which makes it possible for fax machines from different vendors to talk to each other over IP networks.

Intel will fax enable all its Intel® Dialogic® IP Link IP telephony products, which include densities from 4 to 60 ports on PCI and CompactPCI. This means a voice-over-IP solution in the field can evolve into a voice-and-fax-over-IP solution with a simple software upgrade.

This white paper discusses the T.38 standard, the benefits of real-time fax, and Dialogic support for the new standard. References are also provided for further study. This paper outlines the benefits of hosting and discusses the role of the CT server in making it a reality.

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