The Cross-Media Contact Center - The Next-Generation Replacement for the Traditional Call Center

Because call centers are a principal point of contact between the enterprise and its customers, it is critical that the call center experience be an overwhelmingly positive one. As the popularity of new media such as email and Web-based services grows, solution providers face the challenge of integrating these media as seamlessly as possible into their applications so that the contact center continues to provide responsive and timely service. To support a wide variety of media effectively, a new cross-media queuing architecture is needed.

Integrating such an architecture allows a solution provider to develop applications that enhance customer service and deliver increased cost savings. Email and Web-based services are significantly less expensive than live agent interaction. The number of live agents in a cross-media contact center can often be reduced, and the time of the remaining agents used much more productively. Management of the cross-media contact center is also easier and more effective, because of improved tracking and reporting. Intel provides hardware and software communications building blocks and services to help solution providers quickly build and deploy cross-media contact center solutions with a cross-media queuing architecture. These building blocks can enable faster time to market, longer time in market, and increased revenue opportunities.

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