Taking a Broader View of Broadband The Residential Gateway

As the residential broadband market burgeons over the next few years, chipset vendors, system vendors and service providers will all need to provide their respective customers with the best available, most cost effective and inherently flexible technological solutions to ensure that the broadband consumer market continues to flourish. The DSL, cable, satellite, fiber and wireless service providers in particular, will need to offer the residential consumer market, more packages of compelling added value services directly to their homes. This in turn will enable the service providers to generate more revenue, attract new customers, reduce churn and maintain their competitive edge. These services, which include high-speed Internet access and home networking as well as security, voice over broadband, interactive entertainment and home automation, will be made accessible through simple intelligent gateways. The platform for providing these services to the home is often referred to as the Residential Gateway, Home Gateway and Integrated Access Device. The gateway is a box that usually includes a WAN connection interface (e.g. Cable and DSL) LAN connection interfaces (e.g. Ethernet and 802.11b), the processor, and the software that provides the services, and enables provisioning, billing and the managing of these services. Via these gateways, service providers are able to control the flow of services to the home, and charge for them, while delivering them in an intuitive and easy-to-use manner.

OpenRG is Jungo's embedded software platform that is customized to the specifications of RG (Residential Gateway) hardware manufacturers, offering chipset vendors, system vendors and service providers a complete solution for maintaining product differentiation and gaining a competitive edge. Jungo's technology provides a single, comprehensive source of infrastructure software, and tools that enable the vendors to easily integrate their own proprietary technologies with Jungo's platform. The gateway or device that physically resides in the home of the consumer, provides a wealth of increased functionality to the home or small office, including wireless computer networking, cross-device connectivity, network security (Firewall), digital video streaming, telephony services (VoIP) and more.

Jungo's OpenRG software was designed to run seamlessly and reliably on a wide range of the leading network processors and enable easy and fast adoption of new technologies and applications. This design provides network operators with complete flexibility and freedom of choice in selecting a network processor. OpenRG includes all of the necessary components - drivers, small footprint operating system, networking software, management software and a set of highly integrated applications and services required for the home/SOHO. Jungo also provides open APIs and a robust development environment so that other value added services may be developed and customized according to the needs of each target market. The system is easily upgradeable via the Internet through comprehensive remote management and diagnostics capabilities.

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