The Embedded Software Strategic Market Intelligence Program 2001/2002: Proprietary Operating Systems and Development Tools

This paper is a brief summary of VDC's analysis of the usage of proprietary software development solutions employed in the development of embedded systems. Specifically, our research focused on market opportunities for commercial operating systems, software development tools, and design analysis tools vendors provided by developers who use proprietary technologies to fulfill their needs for kernels, process, memory management, etc. This includes developers who "roll-your-own" by using a proprietary operating system, or developers who do not use a formal operating system. The term "non-commercial OS" encompasses proprietary solutions that consist of either a formal operating system or those which do not use a formal operating system. The data in the report is based on a web based survey sent to 10,000 developers of embedded systems, structured phone interviews with executive managers and senior managers of embedded OS and software development tool vendors, and extensive secondary research.

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