Solaris Operating Environment Deployment Mechanisms in Replicated and High Availability Environments

This article will briefly introduce some of the latest technologies that will help in rapid Solaris Operating Environment (OE) installation or software upgrades in high availability environments. Web Start Flash provides a mechanism to create a Flash archive, a system snapshot of the Solaris 8 OE and all other installed software from a master system. This can then be replicated onto multiple machines (clones). These Flash archives can be deployed by media via CD and Tape or over the network via HTTP or NFS using custom Solaris JumpStart software or the Solaris Web Start software. Solaris Live Upgrade 2.0 software enables Solaris systems to continue to run uninterrupted while the system administrator installs a Flash archive or upgrades to a new Solaris 8 OE. Solaris Live Upgrade software allows creating, managing, upgrading, comparing, and activating multiple boot environments. Live Upgrade also supports fallback in case of upgrade failure. Live Upgrade reduces system downtime and risk associated with an operating system upgrade or patch maintenance. These tools provide system administrators, the ability to have consistent, controlled, and re-creatable Solaris OE installations and upgrades.

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