Symbian Signed

Open Symbian OS phones allow mobile operators, service providers and end-users to enhance the functional capability of their handsets by installing additional software after the phone has been purchased. This not only allows users to customize and extend the capabilities of their phones, but also enables operators and service providers to roll out new services much more quickly than would be possible if they also had to provide new mobile phones for their customers. In addition this openness enables the applications and services on devices to be continually updated, generating revenue opportunities and driving greater data usage.

Symbian OS supports a wide range of rich programming environments including C++, Java, VB, C#, OPL and Flash. Symbian Signed focuses on any data, content or application that is bundled as a SIS file1. It does not however deal with Java MIDP applications. Developers wanting to get Java MIDP applications signed should use Java Verified.

This white paper outlines the scope and context of Symbian Signed, an industry-wide application signing and verification process for Symbian OS third party applications.

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