Silicon Design Chain collaboration extends 90nm low-power design into the mainstream

Over the past two decades, the once vertically integrated electronics industry has fragmented into a multi-layered network of horizontal suppliers. This disaggregation has complicated the supply chains associated with designing and manufacturing products, and it has created an increasingly complex design chain for the development of end-product designs.

Given the size and scope of the challenge posed by disaggregation, no one company can solve it alone. In early 2003, recognizing the need to collaborate on joint solutions, industry leaders Applied Materials, ARM, Artisan Components, Cadence and TSMC formed the Silicon Design Chain Initiative. Combining their expertise, these companies have established a charter to drive programs designed to address the top issues facing our customer's in the electronics industry, including the toughest challenges in nanometer digital IC design.

Early in 2004, the Silicon Design Chain members concluded that their respective customers were encountering the same design barrier managing power consumption at advanced process nodes.

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