Sony Ericsson Machine-to-Machine Whitepaper

This White Paper is about machine-to-machine and man-to-machine (M2M) communications. It doesn’t provide all the answers to the questions above. It should, however, help you to understand why you should be seeking the answers, and why talking to Sony Ericsson can help you formulate and implement a profitable business strategy.

Today, Sony Ericsson is delivering M2M wireless communications solutions to system integrators for retrofitting in security and alarm systems, in cars and trucks, for vending machine projects, for utility meter reading and for Point of Sale terminals. Projects are underway within fleet management and utility industries and cooperation agreements have been signed with system integrators in the automotive industry.

Wireless M2M communications is rapidly becoming a vast business. It is expected to become a significant part of the mobile Internet. Many different players from many industries are jockeying for a share of the rewards. Sony Ericsson believes that as a mobile network operator you have the credibility, direct relationship with the end customer and the vision to take M2M communications to new heights. But you need to act today. Tomorrow could be too late.

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