Scalable Process for Enterprise Software Development

Software development in Fortune 1000 enterprises is generally a fragmented and localized activity at the best of times. The left hand rarely knows what the right hand is doing. Today, a survey of most Fortune 1000 companies will reveal numerous geographically distributed development teams using different tools and processes to manage their software development. Technology compatibility with all the other software development teams throughout the organization is rarely considered.

Making the decision to standardize on a single SCM and change management solution across the enterprise, along with common processes and development methodologies, has important benefits for the organization as a whole, but also for individual software development teams within the organization. This white paper makes the case for standardization and then provides recommended solutions for minimizing the pain that comes with changing software development tools and associated processes midstream. Learn an industry accepted method for rolling out these tools and processes that allows individual development teams to harmonize their development and delivery of software applications, while retaining unique and necessary elements of their own processes.

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