Streamlining Debug, Test, and Characterization of FPAA Circuits

Field programmable analog arrays (FPAAs) from Anadigm® are a programmable IC that can be used to implement an enormous range of analog signal processing functions and give you an analog equivalent to the FPGA. Using the drag and drop AnadigmDesigner®2 EDA tool, you can construct complex analog circuits, then simply download to the FPAA silicon for testing and validation. With dynamic reconfigurability, the functionality of the FPAA can be reconfigured in-system by the designer or in real time by a microprocessor. A single FPAA can thus be programmed to implement multiple analog functions and/or to adapt on the fly to maintain precision operation despite system degradation and aging.

LabVIEW can be used in the design labs to generate stimulus signals, acquire response, and perform analysis on your analog designs. By integrating directly with your analog design software, you can compare expected results from your circuit simulator with the measured results from your prototype designs. Comparing these results will save you significant time and money in your design process as inconsistencies are discovered earlier and your design can be refined.

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