This document examines the increasing needs for higher storage system resiliency, availability, and performance along with the challenges they present to IT managers. The paper discusses how Dot Hill's SANpath software, available for many popular operating systems, addresses these challenges.

As demands on storage systems grow, IT organizations must find ways to maximize the efficiency and reliability of network-wide storage resources. In addition to keeping pace with the data explosion, IT managers face constant pressure to lower storage management overhead and maximize storage availability, often in mixed operating system environments. To help meet these challenges, managers are looking for more robust and flexible storage system capabilities.

IT managers are frequently presented with a wide range of hardware and software options to help them better achieve their storage needs and goals. Before considering these options and technologies, however, it is important to look at the capability of the storage system itself. The system should be able to provide the performance and resiliency needed to best support its environment and it should be engineered to take advantage of the bandwidth and multiple-server connectivity potential of Fibre Channel. Finally, to be considered a reliable component of a clustering configuration, the storage system should be fully redundant with no single point of failure. Dot Hill's SANpath addresses each of these important issues.

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