Single Feed Multiband PIFA for Cellular and Non Cellular Applications

With the rapid progress of the Cellular Communication Technology and the ever increasing demand for multi systems application, there is a growing trend towards the design of Multi purpose Cellular Handset. Of late, there is also an enhanced thrust for internal Cellular antennas to harness its inherent advantages. PIFA has proved to be the most widely used internal antenna in commercial applications of cellular communication.

In most of the research publications/ patents on multiband PIFA technology, the major success has been the design of a single feed PIFA with Dual Resonant Frequencies resulting essentially a Dual Band PIFA. Depending upon the achievable bandwidth around the resonant frequencies, the dual resonant PIFA can potentially cover more than 2 bands. However, system applications such as GPS and Bluetooth or IEEE 802.11 have frequency bands that are significantly off from the cellular bands (AMPS/GSM, DCS/PCS).

Enhancing the bandwidth of Cellular Dual Band PIFA to additionally cover the GPS/Bluetooth applications can prove to be a very difficult task. As a result, a practical recourse to design a single feed Tri band PIFA that covers both the Cellular and Non Cellular bands lies in the realization of three distinct resonant frequencies at the respective bands and to achieve the requisite bandwidths centered around the resonant frequencies of interest. In this paper, a new method for the design of a single feed Multiband PIFA operating in the Cellular and Non Cellular Bands (GPS/Bluetooth) is presented. Such a PIFA design falls into the Multiband Category.

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