Service Transparency and Call Discrimination: Key Elements of No Compromises Packet Telephony

One of the key challenges for service providers is to support not only voice but other services that have been supported on circuit networks such as fax, text telephony and modem data. Megaco/H.248 and MGCP provide an overall architecture for service providers to support voice and other services over their next generation networks built using Softswitches.

Effective "Call Discrimination" is an essential pre-requisite for achieving service transparency, using approaches such as DSP-based tone detection and analysis. Study Group 16 of ITU-T has done a great deal of work on developing standards for transporting multimedia including voice, fax, modem data and newer content types such as video-over the converged network.

This white paper will review the different proposed approaches to call discrimination and service transparency, the pros and cons for equipment vendors and network operators, and the current status within the major standards organizations ITU and IETF.

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