Softswitch Applications in Wireless Core Networks

Wireless networks are still an area of growth investments, whatever crisis the Telecom Operators may suffer. As a matter of fact, if the mobile penetration rate seems to stabilize in some countries like Western Europe, there are still a lot of countries globally that are experiencing significant growth of their mobile networks. Along with the subscriber growth potential globally, 3G cellular networks, with their focus on higher bandwidth to the mobile user, offer new services for the mobile user, like wireless access for laptop computers with the sending and receiving of emails with attachments, video-based services, and of course voice services.

3G networks are migrating to use packet-based transport within the 3G networks, voice is also migrating over to this packet network and the introduction of softswitch-based architecture, where the Mobile Switching Center (MSC) is disaggregated into a call control MSC Server (Softswitch) and switching Media Gateway(s), promises to offer many benefits to network operators worldwide.

This whitepaper has been created to document the use of softswitch architecture in wireless core networks. This paper is meant to provide a high level overview of the state of technologies within the different generations of wireless and the current state of the standards governing the wireless marketplace, as well as provide high level information concerning the use of softswitch architecture model within the wireless core network.

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