Stratix GX in Switch Fabric Systems

The switch fabric is one challenge designers face when creating a system that routes data from one of many inputs to any one of many outputs. The switch fabric is used in many types of applications, from high-speed telecommunications to networking to storage area networks. Typical challenges designers face when implementing switch fabrics in their system include latency, bandwidth, queuing, backplane interfacing, scheduling algorithms, and traffic management interaction. To overcome these challenges, designers require a design platform that is flexible, customizable, and capable of real-time design and debug as well as in-field design updates/corrections. Stratix GX devices address all of these needs. Built on Atera's feature-rich Stratix architecture, the Stratix GX device family allows hardware designers to transmit up to 20 channels of data at up to 3.125 gigabits per second (Gbps) each over a backplane and perform the necessary traffic management and switch fabric functions. The Stratix GX solution provides system designers with the flexibility, performance, integration, and design resources that are not available in any other solution.

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