Realizing the Full Potential of Server, Switch and I/O Blades with InfiniBand Architecture - Server Blade Architecture

The notion of blade-based servers is a relatively recent phenomenon with both startups and the well-established server vendors having already announced server blade products or the intent to develop such products. Typically the early products have focused on power and density as the primary benefits of server blades. This focus on form factor rather than function misses the true benefit of blade based technology. Focusing only on the server component also misses the other critical parts of a system area networks: I/O connectivity and switching. In fact the true benefit that server blade and more importantly I/O blade technology provides is the ability to deliver a highly available, easy to manage and scalable infrastructure for both computing and I/O. Such an infrastructure, when implemented optimally will result in a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the IT manager.

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