Reference Frameworks for eXpressDSP Software - A White Paper

Reference Frameworks for eXpressDSP software are provided as starterware for applications that use DSP/BIOS and the TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard (also known as (XDAIS). Developers first select the Reference Framework that best approximates their system and its future needs. Developers then adapt the framework and populate it with eXpressDSP-compliant algorithms. As common elements such as device drivers, memory management, and channel encapsulation are already pre-configured in the frameworks, developers can focus on their systems unique needs and achieve better overall productivity.

The Reference Frameworks contain design-ready, reusable, C language source code for TMS320C5000 and TMS320C6000 digital signal processors (DSPs). Developers can build on top of the framework, confident that the underlying pieces are robust and appropriate for the characteristics of the target application.

This application report provides an overview of Reference Frameworks.

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