PacketMedia and IP Media Servers

The broad deployment of IP has led to the convergence of multiple media types (data, voice, fax, etc.) onto a single IP network which is easier and cheaper to design, build, and maintain than traditional PSTN networks. The IP media server provides a platform for adding enhanced telephony services to this new network. It optimizes service delivery, facilitates growth, and supports the interconnectivity advantages of IP with carrier-class reliability. While the IP media server platform supplies traditional enhanced services such as conferencing, messaging, and announcements, it also supports packet voice, one of the most rapidly expanding aspects of communications technology. The IP media server fosters the development of new enhanced services that are expected to include integration with web-enabled environments, wireless technologies, and mobile users. This paper discusses the advantages OEMs and enhanced services platform developers gain when implementing IP media servers using software and hardware accelerators and their associated development environment. Details are provided on PacketMedia, the NMS cutting-edge, open-systems-based, total solution for developers of enhanced services applications in the new communications network. The PacketMedia IP media server platform lets service providers rapidly develop and deploy the most scalable, highest performance, and carrier-class value-added services while supporting both IP and PSTN connectivity.

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