Performance Benchmarks for RamSan-520

Texas Memory Systems, Inc. (TMS) manufactures two solid state disks (SSDs), the SAM-520 and the RamSan-210. Both of these systems can be connected to one or more Fibre Channel networks. For testing a minimum RAM-SAN configuration we connected a SAM-520 via a single Fibre Channel link (FC-21 interface) to a host bus adapter (HBA) located in a high-end Intel based computer. During our testing we saw a wide variance in the speed of various HBA Fibre Channel boards. Using the fastest HBA we could find, we measured a single FC-21 interface at over 50,000 IOPS (I/Os per second) on the Intel program IOMeter. Many computer and peripheral manufactures use IOMeter to measure their I/O performance in IOPS.

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