100-nm Node Lithography With KrF

We present results looking into the feasibility of 100-nm Node imaging using KrF, 248-nm, exposure technology. This possibility is not currently envisioned by the 1999 ITRS Roadmap which lists 5 possible options for this 2005 Node, not including KrF. We show that double-exposure strong phase-shift, combined with two mask OPC, is capable of correcting the significant proximity effects present for 100-nm Node imaging at these low k1 factors. We also introduce a new PSM Paradigm, dubbed "GRATEFUL", that can image aggressive 100-nm Node features without using OPC. This is achieved by utilizing an optimized "dense-only" imaging approach. The method also allows the re-use of a single PSM for multiple levels and designs, thus addressing the mask cost and turnaround time issues of concern in PSM technology.

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