Object-Oriented Modeling of Embedded-Software in the Automotive Environment

The development of motor-vehicle control-systems software is characterized largely by customized demands on functionality, real-time capability and memory-requirements. These requirements vary not merely from one auto-manufacturer to another but also between different projects of the same manufacturer. Furthermore, this user- and project-specific software must be developed efficiently with regard to costs, time and quality. A structured and easily expandable software architecture which describes complete product families is necessary in order to measure up to the requirements of embedded real-time systems in the future. This software must support the forming of variants and the re-use of code effectively without leading to additional run-time- and memory requirements.

The modeling concept for control-systems software described in this article uses object-oriented techniques while avoiding additional run-time- and memory requirements. The toolsupport for OMOS is a development by Aonix based on the product family Software through Pictures.

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