NI LabVIEW and Ansoft Designer: Integrating Automated Test and Design Environments for Efficient High-Frequency Product Development

Today's design engineers must simulate networks with accurate component models to achieve aggressive time-to-market schedules. An ideal design flow accommodates a multitude of component representations ranging from measured data to electromagnetic simulation. High-frequency design tools such as Ansoft Designer coupled with high-level development tools such as National Instruments LabVIEW address the complexity of accurate source and component modeling as well as design verification through linking behavioral model for simulation directly to automated test system results.

Collaborations between National Instruments and Ansoft have yielded a methodology for an integrated, flexible design flow featuring hardware-in-the-loop simulation. With this method, based on built-in capabilities in LabVIEW and Ansoft Designer, users can perform advanced device characterizations such as bit error rate (BER), adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), or error vector magnitude (EVM) simulations using measurement-based models. Engineers use the LabVIEW test environment to define and control unlimited, equipment-neutral test system configurations.

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