Network Security for the Small Business

As small businesses move with the Internet revolution from dial-up connections to broadband 24 x 7 Internet, security threats to networks increase dramatically. Now PCs and networks are constantly visible on the Internet, giving hackers more time and opportunity than ever to wreak havoc on the businesses of the world.

With over 700,000 small businesses in the United States alone having a broadband Internet connection, it is obvious that a large number of businesses that have opened themselves up to the Internet. Recent high profile hacker attacks against large corporations such as Amazon, E-Bay, NASA and Microsoft, have placed Internet and network security at the forefront of media attention, but are small businesses also at risk? How can businesses enjoy the benefits of Internet while protecting themselves against the threats that come with it?

This white paper discusses the recent explosion in broadband Internet and the increase in security threats that has arisen from this; the different security technologies available for businesses; and the different ways that 3Com can help businesses to secure their networks.

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