NetCoder - Voice Quality Test Results from COMSAT

AudioCodes' NetCoder, a proprietary high quality, low delay and low complexity speech coder, is designed to provide the highest quality voice in Voice over IP network environments. Independent tests demonstrated that

" 9.6 and 8.0 kbps, NetCoder significantly outperforms G.723.1, G.729A and the G.726 ADPCM, and in most cases, NetCoder is indistinguishable from the G711 PCM."

COMSAT Independent Testing Lab, "Results of NetCoder Test"

NetCoder is a high quality, low delay and low complexity voice coder, specifically designed for packet based networks, such as IP, Frame Relay, and the Internet. Packet based networks, which uses packet switching and virtual connections, introduce large transmission delays, high delay variability, and high packet loss.

NetCoderTM operates at bit rates ranging from 4.8 kbps to 9.6 kbps, in 800 bit increments, which can be changed on the fly for every packet sent. For increased system efficiency, NetCoder includes built-in high quality VAD (Voice Activity Detector) and CNG (Comfort Noise Generation) modules, for increased bit rate savings. In-band synchronization and signaling support is also included for increased performance.

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