MetroTRK - Target Resident Debugging Kernel for Embedded Systems

Freescale's Target Resident Kernel, MetroTRK, is a software debugging monitor for embedded systems. MetroTRK runs on the target hardware, shepherding the application being debugged, and communicating with a host debugger that executes on Windows® or Unix® desktop systems. MetroTRK is controlled via the host debugger, which transmits commands to MetroTRK for execution on the target. MetroTRK sends back command responses as well as information describing any exceptional events occurring on the target.

MetroTRK was built for use with the highly-acclaimed Freescale Debugger, part of Freescale's multi-language/multi-target integrated development environment. MetroTRK brings the Freescale debugging environment to a wide variety of embedded development boards. Currently, MetroTRK has been ported to over 18 embedded boards, hosting processors that range from MIPS to PowerPC® to 68K. (And, by the time you read this, MetroTRK will likely be ported to even more development systems.)

New embedded processor variants are appearing almost daily, however, and this flood of new embedded CPUs has contributed to a widening gap in the most critical stage of the development process: debugging.

MetroTRK fills that gap.

MetroTRK is the gateway whereby the Freescale embedded toolset–compilers, linkers, and debuggers–brings its full strength to bear on a growing range of embedded development systems. Freescale compilers are already unparalleled in their support of languages, processors and operating systems, thus securing the front-end of the development process: project management, code writing and compiling.

MetroTRK seals the back-end of the development process: debugging.

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