Mobilizing the Machine

As humans, our need to communicate is critical. Innovations that have filled that need, such as the telegraph, the telephone, the Internet, and the cellular phone, have dramatically changed the way we live and work. Businesses that have successfully developed and sold those innovations have enjoyed much success. Now, our lives are inextricably linked with machines. In fact, recent studies show that machines currently outnumber humans by at least four-to-one. This implies an incredible potential market exists to enable and expand communication between people and machines, and between machines themselves.

Embedding cellular mobile communications technology into machines—what we call "mobilizing the machine"—has the potential to be the first major communications breakthrough of the twenty-first century. For those companies that are prepared to effectively implement and market this technology, the potential rewards are enormous.

"Mobilizing the machine" means enabling a machine to transmit and receive information through a cellular connection whenever and wherever the need arises—limited only by the coverage area of the cellular network. We consider embedded mobile as a subset of telematics, which relates to the use of any wireless technology—not just cellular mobile—to exchange data. Any machine, static or moving, located indoors or out, for both leisure and business use, could have cellular mobile communications embedded.

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