Mellanox and HPC Clustering - Enabling TeraFlop Computing at a Fraction of the Cost

Clusters of low cost industry standard architecture servers have emerged as a viable alternative to proprietary Symmetrical Multi Processor (SMP) server systems for high performance computing applications. Building such clusters requires a high performance interconnect technology offering high bandwidth, low latency, and direct communication between user space processes on individual nodes. Until now available clustering solutions have been confined to proprietary technologies, which suffer from inadequate product robustness and reliability, poor range of product offerings, limited choice of vendors, small market scale, and lack of competition. Also, standardized, Ethernet solutions have proven woefully inadequate in providing delivered bandwidth due to CPU overhead and high latencies.

The InfiniBandSM Architecture is a powerful new industry standard technology that advances I/O connectivity for enterprise database and high performance computing clusters. Today Mellanox HCAs deliver MPI bandwidth 8 times or more than that of Ethernet and up to 3 times the bandwidth of the current HPC clustering technologies.

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