Managing Board-Level End-of-Life Products

In today's fast-paced world where some board-level products have a shelf life as short as six months, board and technology End-Of-Life (EOL) management has become vitally important. Board-level product manufacturers continuously upgrade their products. This can create problems for OEMs that must maintain configuration control or are in a regulated industry in which board changes require expensive re-certification.

Products reach EOL when the manufacturing volume falls and the profitability sags. Manufacturers declare a last-buy opportunity, and customers are forced to make final purchases. This can be a risky decision because it requires accurately predicting the total number of boards needed over the subsequent years.

Zendex has created a market by buying older technologies and effectively extending the EOL timeline. Almost every Zendex board is somewhere in the EOL cycle. This paper gives the reader a "behind the scenes" look at one company's ways to manage product end-of-life.

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