M2M Primer

M2M is the process of transmitting asset or environmental data in order to inform enterprises, individuals, or other machines. M2M utilizes sensors, ID tags, and/or embedded processors working together with communications standards to gather and analyze data; communicate asset status; and enable higher order functionality in machines.

Over time, device intelligence and connectivity have advanced from mainframes to mobile devices like PDAs, cell phones, and cameras. This same intelligence and connectivity (M2M) in everyday machines is the next sensible step. In fact, it is already a reality.

The efforts of many companies are making M2M happen. Large technology players including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HP and Kyocera are investing heavily in the creation of next generation M2M technologies. However, there are also small innovators who design, deploy, and monitor the sensors, chips, software, and applications that enable M2M. This primer focuses on these small and agile innovators.

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