Managed Migration to IP Telephony in a PBX Environment

Although many enterprises are eager to adopt IP telephony, they see their legacy PBX systems as a roadblock to the cost savings and enhanced applications that IP telephony would bring. This paper will demonstrate that this does not need to be the case. Legacy PBX equipment does not have to be replaced for enterprises to begin a phased migration to IP telephony. The Intel® NetStructureTM PBX-IP media gateway makes the implementation of IP technology in PBX systems possible right now.

The PBX-IP media gateway provides a managed migration to IP because it enables the seamless convergence of voice and data across IP networks into a single, integrated enterprise network without any expensive changes to the circuit-switched network. It easily joins legacy hardware and the latest technology, simultaneously protecting a company's investment as it accelerates growth.

The PBX-IP media gateway allows users to receive both voice and data content in a single call over a managed packet network (LAN, WAN, or VPN) that interfaces directly to the enterprise PBX. Remote users require less equipment but receive the same content and level of access as users in the corporate office, yet the enterprise does not need to invest in new network or PBX equipment. Enterprises can take a phased approach to a fully converged voice and data network while prolonging the useful life of legacy switching equipment.

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