Modular Network Voice Building Blocks

The importance of the next generation network (NGN) is not primarily that it uses packet technology, but that its packet technology allows new and existing services to be deployed cost-effectively. NGN-based services can be categorized into three broad domains:

The power of the next generation network is that services are not limited to a single domain, but can be combined to provide innovative new services. Many examples of converged e-commerce/-v-commerce solutions that combine Web browsing and speech recognition are emerging.

This paper is the first in a series that will address topics related to next generation networks. It focuses on a voice communication services architecture, since voice services are rooted in multiple legacy circuit-switched networks and require the most effort to transition to the NGN. The paper also provides an analysis of NGN service provider business objectives and shows how the elements in the NGN voice architecture, when based on an open computing model, best meet these objectives.

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