Managed Convergence in Next Generation Networks

The next generation network (NGN) has been like the alchemist's stone to the data and telecommunications industry. With the telecommunications industry already a multi-billion dollar global industry, equipment providers and carriers are salivating at the prospective riches that the road to the NGN brings. Indeed, the cost savings and the rich services that can be enabled through converged multimedia networks are very attractive at the least. The question is not if, but when the NGN will be an every day reality. However, many obstacles still remain. Among the most notable are the ability to bill for different service packages, deliver the best quality of service as a function of the service package, and the ability to guarantee availability. The management of billing, quality of service, and high availability are key to the success of the Next Generation Network. This paper brings these management aspects of the NGN into perspective, and shows how System-on-Module components from PFU Systems are ideally suited to help bring closer the promises of the NGN.

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