Latency Comparison between HyperTransport and PCIe in Communications Systems

Communication systems with real-time performance and ultra low latency have the potential to transform user experiences and create new business opportunities for network operators and service providers. From faster and more responsive games to converged voice, video and data services, communication systems will be the vehicle for new revenue streams and increased user satisfaction. In particular, compute-centric telecommunications standards, such as the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) specification has placed new demands on communications systems.

Chip-to-chip interconnects directly impact overall communications system performance and can enable a new generation of IP-based services that deliver high quality of service (QoS) and flexible control. Communications system architects will need chip-to-chip interconnects that can handle not only the high bandwidth demands of these systems, but do so in realtime, thus requiring ultra-low latency. As the lowest latency interconnect technology on the market today, HyperTransport enables products that make converged networks, enhanced user experiences and new revenue streams a reality.

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