Key Strategies for Telecom and Networking Developers

This white paper discusses how Berkeley DB is used for data management within software and hardware products for the telecommunications and networking sector. The paper focuses on developers of telecom and networking products that require proven, fast, reliable, scalable and cost-effective data management services. Readers will learn:

Berkeley DB is already used by Sleepycat customers such as Cisco, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Openwave, LogicaCMG, Ericsson, Alcatel, Marconi and many other software vendors and equipment providers. Berkeley DB is used in a wide range of telecom and networking products, including carrier and enterprise-class LDAP directories, message stores, provisioning systems, persistent queuing and delivery systems, switches, routers, gateways and network storage, security and management systems. For these applications and more, Berkeley DB provides critical data storage services without increasing the complexity or cost for the customer deploying the system.

This paper describes examples of several telecom an networking applications for which Berkeley DB is an excellent fit, from both a business and technical perspective.

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