Introduction to web-security and the Barracuda Virtual File System

A device control Web-Server such as the Barracuda Embedded Web-Server is an ideal platform for building management consoles for embedded devices. The ubiquitous HTTP protocol, backed up by the Internet infrastructure, makes it possible to control and supervise a device in real time from basically anywhere.

We have a small demo program, which is a multi-user secure web based file manager. We suggest that you download and try this demo program. The demo program is a Windows NT/XP executable.

A device that is constantly connected to the internet needs to be protected from being used by unauthorized users. Internet security can be divided into the following categories.

The web-infrastructure has well defined API's for all of the above security mechanisms. The Barracuda Web-Server implements and makes it very easy setup a protection mechanism for your embedded device. All browsers today implement the above security types. Thus, by piggybacking on the well defined web-security mechanisms, your device can be configured with advanced security control in no time.

It is needless to say that the above security mechanism would be very hard and time consuming to implement if you use a proprietary protocol for controlling your device.

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