Increase Application Performance with Solid State Disks

Application performance can be finicky. One day an application is slowed by network latencies; another day it can be impacted by processor limits and, when everything else is going smoothly, I/O bottlenecks pop up as more users make the application work harder. Solving performance problems and I/O bottlenecks can be a challenging task. While there are many approaches to reducing I/O bottlenecks few are cost effective.

This whitepaper presents solid state disks as a cost-effective way to improve application performance. Traditional hard disk based systems incur performance penalty because of the high access times of hard disk drives. Solid state disks resolve this problem with low access times and high bandwidth. Two landmark benchmarks are included to quantify this advantage: IOMeter benchmark results and Storage Performance Council SPC-1 IOPSTM results. These two benchmarks definitively demonstrate the ability of solid state disk to offer unparalleled performance and unbeatable price for performance and both can be re-created by users. Companies who have implemented this technology make better use of their server infrastructure, support increasing concurrent user loads with low response times, and improve user satisfaction.

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