Increase Productivity with an Integrated Software Framework for Measurement and Automation

In an "ideal" world, a company would not need to test a product as it evolves from research to design and through production. However, the fact is that measurement systems are an integral part of the product development process. Companies require, and even demand, measurement systems that are a strategic asset in meeting goals for improved quality, faster time to market, greater engineering and manufacturing efficiency, and, of course, lower costs.

In the past 20 years, to meet customer demands, measurement systems have gone through a fundamental change -- a Measurement Revolution. This revolution has been driven by a new system architecture in which the computer is at the heart of measurement systems.

The Measurement Revolution transformed test, measurement, and automation applications from loosely coupled, and often incompatible, stand-alone instruments and devices to tightly integrated, high-performance measurement and automation systems. At the core of this revolution lies a component that has become increasingly more important -- software.

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