Implementing Secure Processes: A New Perspective on Software Security

This paper examines the need for implementing secure processes as a means of meeting both internally and externally mandated levels of security, quality and cost savings. We look at the experiences of two MKS customers; Knorr-Bremse and a major Canadian bank, to see how they have implemented secure processes to help their particular situations. German manufacturer Knorr-Bremse depends on secure processes in their development of embedded software for electronic braking systems. The second MKS customer, a major Canadian bank, depends on secure processes to help ensure that their software outsourcing model is successful in meeting desired levels of quality and cost savings.

Finally, this paper presents the MKS Integrity Solution - a flexible, process-oriented change management and SCM system that allows enterprise software developers to employ a range of processes to manage, build, package and release software across multiple platforms and environments. It helps ensure that software development processes are secure, defined and repeatable, enabling good corporate governance and minimizing risk.

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